Sinigang na Hipon | How to cook Shrimp Sinigang | Recipe Pinas


@RECIPE Pinas Sinigang na Hipon.. How to cook Sinigang na Hipon.. Simple and Easy way to cook Shrimp Sinigang 😋😉.. Filipino Sinigang Recipe!! Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Videos., Like our FB page and Follow Us on Instagram. Enjoy and Thank you for Watching!! YouTube Channel: Website: FB Page: Recipe Pinas (@recipepinas) Instagram: recipepinas (@recipepinas) Twitter: recipepinas Happy Cooking!! YOU NEED: 4 -5 cups water (or more) 3 medium ripe tomatoes 1 big onion sliced (yellow or red) 1 medium radish (labanos) - cut into slices ¾ Kilo large shrimp or Prawns 1 pack (50g) tamarind mix (Sinigang Mix) 1 small bunch yard-long beans (sitaw) - cut into 2-inch long pieces 6 - 10 pieces okra ¼ Cup fish sauce - (add more as you like) 1-2 bunch water spinach (kangkong) -tips and upper stalk only Sili Pansigang Chilli Flakes (optional) #sinigangnahipon #sinigangrecipe #recipepinas #recipeph