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Recipe Pinas : How to Make Mini egg pie l Filipino Custard pie recipe This video will show you how to make a Smooth and Creamy Mini egg pie!!! Filipino Style Egg Pie... Creamy, Buttery and flaky pie crust, This Egg Pie is one of the favorite Filipino bakery classics.. Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Videos., Like our FB page and Follow Us on Instagram. Enjoy and Thank you for Watching!! YouTube Channel: Website: FB Page: Recipe Pinas (@recipepinas) Instagram: recipepinas (@recipepinas) Twitter: recipepinas you need: Pie Crust: 3 Cups AFP ¼ Cup white granulated sugar ½ tsp salt 220g Cold Cube Butter - (chilled butter) iced water with ½ Tbsp Vinegar - (you will use ¼ cup + 4 Tbsp more) Filling Mixture: 1 Big Can Evaporated Milk 1 Big Can Condensed Milk 3 Medium Whole Eggs 2 Egg Yolks ¼ Cup Granulated Sugar 1 tsp Vanilla extract 1 tsp Lemon extract 1 Egg white (for meringue) Bake in 175°C Preheated oven 25-28 minutes or until the top turn brown. (baking time will depend on your Oven)