Recipe pinas: Yummy Cheesecake Brownies | How to make Cream cheese Brownies

Recipe pinas: My Version of Rich and Fudgy Cream Cheese Brownies Recipe.... A dessert that's easy to make and everyone's favorite!! You can never go wrong with this delicious dessert... 😀😘 So, here's it is guys!! Enjoy... Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more Videos., Like our FB page and Follow Us on Instagram. Enjoy and Thank you for Watching!! YouTube Channel: Website: FB Page: Recipe Pinas (@recipepinas) Instagram: recipepinas (@recipepinas) Twitter: recipepinas Happy cooking! 😘😘 Ingredients: BROWNIE LAYER: 115 grams (about 1/2 cup) unsalted butter 117 grams Unsweetened Chocolate chips (you can use as well the chopped chocolate) 1 cup Granulated Sugar 2 large eggs Vanilla Extract 1/2 cup all purpose flour CREAM CHEESE LAYER: Cream Cheese (full fat or light) 1/4 cup sour cream

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